Pemi-Baker Employment

We are very grateful to the many people in our community who have and continue to help us over the years with their time, talent, and their donations.
Pemi-Baker Community Health would love to hear from you whether or not the position you are interested in is posted. We know that networking and building relationships are key to our success and would like to connect with you.
Bear Monahan, Morale Coordinator
Bear Monahan,
Our Morale Coordinator

Ours is a "can-do" environment, and each day begins anew the enthusiasm we bring to our patients and our jobs. Our positive atmosphere aids in the recovery of our patients.

A couple quotes from staff members:

“This is one of the only places I have worked that I don’t dread Mondays and can’t wait until Fridays. I really enjoy coming to work. The atmosphere is so upbeat and fun!” -- S.D.

“I love working at PBCH! I have worked places where one or two people will go above & beyond but I have NEVER worked anywhere that EVERYONE does! Everyone, staff AND our members are so caring and so giving. This is an amazing place to work!” -- J.M.

"While Steve & I have been working on paperwork in the conference room we felt the joy of those who work there by hearing the laughter that seemed always present." -- M.C.

Pemi-Baker Community Health is an
Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).

Pemi-Baker Community Health is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the community by providing excellence in health care services through outreach, in-home and facility-based programming.